Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Showers, Bring May Flowers.

20 followers! I never would of thought. Thank you all.

This week has been weird/interesting. I have been trying to not count calories. Do you realize how hard that is for me to not do? I studied nutrition. When I see food, I instantly am analyzing the calorie, nutrient, and fat content. I know the calorie content for almost every fruit and vegetable. I am obsessed. Needless to say, my non-calorie counting lasted about a day and a half. You can't give up what you enjoy because it's "not normal". I say count your calories and work out as much as you want. 

I read many blogs. Yes, I read them all. I don't always post a comment, but I am still reading. I have to say all of you girlies out there not eating and only drinking vitamin water need to stop! 
Starvation = binges.
Binges = depression.
Depression = binges.
What a vicious cycle. 
Solution: eat fruits and vegetables!

 Fruits and vegetables contain almost no fat and have low calorie content (except avocados).
I will provide a healthy example:
Breakfast- flaxseed meal + almond milk + cut-up banana heated up like oatmeal = 200 calories
Lunch- mixed vegetables + small apple + celery + carrots = 200 calories
Dinner- 1 cup baked butternut squash + green beans + side of strawberries = 250 calories

Not bad eh?
Vitamin water is trash anyways. You ever read the ingredients? It's full of tons of garbage that only makes you feel more hungry and it tastes like death. 

I have a challenge for every one: For one week only eat food that has 5 or less ingredients. If you read the label and it is the size of a novel, put it down.

5 ingredients or less. It's a challenge my nutrition professor gave us when I was an undergrad. This professor was amazingly fit, beautiful, and 50 years old. She looked no older than 30. It was nuts. 
She claimed she never ate anything with more than 5 ingredient (unless of course it was mixed vegetables or fruit).

Let's do this.

Inspiration this week: