Thursday, April 21, 2011

Therapist Today, Gone Tomorrow.

My this week has gone by fast. My therapist informed me this week that he is moving away and next Tuesday is our last session. I feel weird about it, because I told him so many secrets about myself. Stuff I never told anyone before. I have to accept some guy is out there in the world who knows me all too well....I am going to wait until fall to get a new therapist. I think I have come a long way, but I still need some help.

I just got home from yoga. It really energizes me. 
That's all I need in life.
Yoga save me.

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  1. He knows, but he won't tell. Therapists keep the secrets they are trusted with :)

    I love those pictures! :D Yay for contortion and balance! ^.^

    Lol, it may take me a while to work out how to price things right *Sigh* I just don't feel like my stuff is anywhere NEAR perfect enough to be worth money!

    *Rofls* I love the name of that knitting shop! We have boring old "Threads" and three "Knitworld" chain stores and a Spotlight :(

    You should definitely learn if you want to! Do they have a knitting circle/club/group/squad you could join? Within a few weeks you could have made yourself your very own sunbathing rug!

    Have a good weekend, Wilma!