Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today is one of those days where I question everything in my life. Am I really that happy? Is my school program what I want? What will I do after I graduate and have accumulated loads of debt? Where should I live when I get back home in August? I even question whether I should be single or in a relationship. I love my boyfriend very much, but I have so much work I need to do on myself. I don't feel like I am a capable functioning person yet. I have so many demons in my closet. On top of this I have the constant battle in my head about weight, food, calories, gym, etc. Why can't it leave me be. 

In 30 days (May 24) I will leave my home and travel abroad until August 16. Until then I feel trapped in my life. Routine has grown old and I am losing that vitality and energy for life I used to have. I just want to shed all my duties and obligations right now, hop on a plane, and leave. BUT I must stay here for 30 more days. I suppose I still have much more to do until I leave. Tie up all the loose ends before I depart. I will try and post as much as I can while I am traveling. 

My itinerary for May 24 - August 16 (rough outline, subject to change)

May 24 - May 28: New York City
May 28 - June 29: Vienna, Austria and surrounding cities (Budapest, Prague, Munich, and Salzburg)
June 29 - July 11: Barcelona and Oviedo, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal 
July 11 - 21: Southern France and Switzerland
July 21 - 28: Northern Italy and Southern Germany
July 29: Fly into Portland, Oregon
July 30 - August 2: Drive up to Seattle, Washington
August 2 - August 16: Work and live on Mt.Hood, Oregon
August 16: Drive home.

I can't wait to leave. I need to escape for a couple months and revitalize my soul. My fire is smoldering inside...(yes that was a play on AFI).

Stay lovely


  1. Sounds like an amazing journey! I'm so excited for you to get to experience and travel both the world and your soul. Try to put aside any negative thoughts and be free for those few months. Stay strong <3

    PS I live in Washington State :)

  2. I can relate I worry too much too :S Its awsome you get to travel the world, it could totally change your life and outlook :)