Monday, April 18, 2011

Showers and Purging.

I was very domestic today. I did laundry, vaccumed, and bought a cute little shower curtain for the bathroom. Buying the curtain reminded me of something funny/stupid I did once...

I live in a rented house with four other people (one of which is my boyfriend). It is often hard for me to ever find alone time to do the occasional purging of calories. I am not bulimic. I only purge when I have eaten/drank too much or have gone out to eat some high calorie fare. One night after a night of delicious fatty Mexican food and wine I discovered that our shower drain was large enough to wash away partially digested food. Thus started my secret shower and purge affairs. I loved it, steaming hot shower to wash away my vomit and my sins. Plus it gave me privacy and an excuse to be in the bathroom for awhile.
However, not long ago (begining of March this year) our bathtub had a terrible clog. My housemate Ben came running downstairs yelling that the tub was clogged and filling up with nasty muck while he showered. I remember peering inside to see the chunks of vomit remnants coming back to haunt me. Luckily by the time the vomit came back up the drain it looked black and indiscernible so no one suspected the end the landlord came by and fixed it all up and since then I have limited my purging in the shower. Silly, silly me. 

I want to give a big hug to my followers and Lu! Thank you for the support. 
120 by May. 


  1. what does the cute shower curtain look like? i love adorable house-maker-y things. (;

    oh my, LOL. ok, not laughing at you, it's just that i've done the exact same thing. my shower drain will never be the same again ..
    as gross as it is, i now just take a bucket into the shower with me & dump it in the toilet when i'm done. (mind you, i'm not by any means a once-in-a-while purger, i think the bucket technique is really only useful for the desperate.)
    well, good luck in your future drain endeavors. (;

    staystrong, page.

  2. Cute shower curtain is cream with vines on it made out of 100% cotton (but I have a plastic backing for it). It reminds me of a Jane Austen novel haha.

    A bucket is a great idea!! I never would of thought of that. Our poor shower drains haha. It's so funny that you had the same problem too :-)

    thank you for the comment! I loved it.