Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oh hello. 

Today I got up earlier than normal to attend a wonderful family event. I am happy to have Celiac Disease (so sad...but true), because other than delicious homemade cinnamon rolls (made with glutenous things), the only other things to eat were raw vegetables and strawberries. Mmmmm nothin like a belly full of veggies yay. This gluten allergy has been a blessing and a curse.

Tomorrow I am getting up early for a good sunny day of snowboarding. The season is ending in a week. I must get my fill in.

I hope everyone out there is doing well. 

Last night I ate a big plate of Mexican food and a half pint of coconut ice-cream....
Coconut ice cream didn't taste bad coming back up (gross I know).
Mexican food was awful coming back up. 
Empty stomach afterwards felt amazing.
I did not plan on eating that much and purging it. 
It just happened that way.....oops.

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