Friday, April 8, 2011

My Oh My

I am a complete slacker, I did not go to therapy at all this week. I didn't feel like talking about my weight, self-esteem, appearance, etc...perhaps next week...

This week has been good though. I am down to 126 lb. Just one more pound to go before I am back to my starting sad haha.

Food favorites this week:

Kale (steamed) 1 cup = 19 calories

Sliced red bell peppers (raw) 1 cup = 46 calories

Flaxseed meal hot cereal with almond milk 1 cup = 100 calories

Kosher dill pickle 1 large = 12 calories

Braeburn apple with cinnamon 1 medium = 70 calories

Baby carrots with mustard 100 grams = 35 calories

Mustard greens with red wine vinegar 2 cups chopped = 30 calories

The best part of fruits and vegetables is how filling they are for such a small amount. I love eating a big plate of steamed kale, spinach, or beet greens. Filling and nutritious.

Yelle is thinspiration. <3 her

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