Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Pound

Today I canceled my therapy appointment (and moved it to tomorrow) and went snowboarding instead. It was totally worth it. It was making me stressed out having to skip snowboarding for therapy because snowboarding is a such a great stress reliever for me and a great workout. Plus I love being outdoors. I think from now on therapy will only be in the afternoon....maybe one day I won't have to have therapy? 

Other than a terrible sinus infection today hasn't been so bad. I did overeat a little on some trailmix earlier, but now my sinuses and head are pounding, which has taken my appetite and made me nauseous instead. Is it sad that I secretly praise not feeling well? 
It means loss of appetite and lots of sleep. 
In my head I just count the calories not consumed. 
There is 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. That means every time I cut out calories it is working towards the ultimate goal of weight loss. Only 3,500 in one pound of fat. To lose 2 pounds a week I would need to have a calorie deficit of 7,000 for that week. I am on a roll this week, so far I have 1,000 in my calorie deficit. Only 6,000 more to go until I am back down to 125.

Easy enough, yeah?


  1. Ah fun is the best therapy!

  2. Lol, if I was your Therapist I'd totally high-five you for that! XD