Friday, April 15, 2011


I am 125. Still only 125. It has become such a cursed number for me. I am doomed to always be 125. 

I have learned that weight loss requires so much patience. So much hard work, dedication, and effort goes into each pound lost. I have to give everyone out there a big standing ovation, because unlike 65% of American adults (who are obese or overweight), we are all making an effort to reverse that trend and be thin. What is wrong with wanting to be thin? Nothing. 

It feels so good to stand on the scale and see a lower number than the time before. Feeling that empty and light sensation when you know you have been good for the day is so satisfying. More satisfying than eating a piece of cake. It just feels good to know you can set goals and reach them. 

I need to find my muse and break this 125 curse. Thank you followers and fellow writers. I love reading your blogs. You are the real inspirtaion.


  1. This post is so beautiful, love. You're right, weight loss is a journey: it's nothing but a rocky pilgrimage on which we need to take a lot of patience, strength and willpower. You will conquer that 125, I know you will: I believe in you, darling.

    Have the most wonderful day.
    You're so beautiful.

  2. Well stated! You will break that 125. I know you will.

    Stay lovely,

  3. Oh thank you guys! :-) Your comments make my day so much brighter.

  4. The 125 curse shall end soon. I think maybe you have just hit a plateau, you'll knock it down and keep going towards your goal :) And just because you're not losing weight at the moment doesn't mean you aren't an inspiration. You are 100% inspiring all of us to keep going and to not give up even if we have hit a road block. Thank you for that.
    Stay Beautiful <3