Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am finally back from my work trip. It has been the worst trip for my diet. Fatty breakfast foods were the only thing offered at the hotel in the morning. I had nothing but Larabars, oranges, almonds, and coffee to drink during the day. After each day at the convention everyone insisted we go out to eat, which means more fatty foods. I am up to 127 lbs now after this trip....I did manage one good workout at the hotel gym, which was the ony good thing I was able to do.

Today has been my first real day home and I have started it off right with a simple banana smoothie full of vitamins and herbal suppelments to cleanse my body and I am drinking lots of water and tea. Tonight before bed I will drink some senna leaf tea to eliminate everything (hopefully).

I need to buy a new swimsuit soon. I want something old fashion such as these below. I am over the whole bikini look, I'd rather leave more to the imagination, than show it all off at once. Besides, I am not sure how "bikini body" ready I will be by summer. After this stupid trip I am set back a couple pounds.


  1. Wow, I love the second one down! I wish they still made them like that :( The only things I've seen here this summer are fucking bikinis for boobless 14-year-olds. Kinda hard if you're rocking a massive pair of mammaries!

    Weight tends to fluctuate easily in the short-term. You'll get rid of the trip-gain fairly quickly. Just keep nomming those vitamins! :D


  2. Oh thank you!

    I have a hard time even wearing a bikini because of boobs. They never have enough support, I sag too much :-( haha

    If I find a cute retro swimsuit somewhere I'll let everyone know...

  3. Wilma, Just have to say I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for this little window into your heart. At times it is hard to read but I'd rather the hurt of the truth than anything else. When you find a retro suit let me know. I'd LOVE one too!!

  4. Deal! I love you too Sarah :-)